20mm Moonstone Gravel - All Sizes - GRS Aggregates
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20mm Moonstone Gravel - All Sizes


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20mm GRS Moonstone Gravel consists of a mixture of different colours with whites and blacks mixed with grey and browns, the gravel is predominantly angular with some rounded pieces. The mix of colours, shapes and strength of this gravel make it ideal for a wide variety of uses including driveways, paths and decorative landscaping. It is also very striking when used in water features.

Moonstone Gravel for driveways, and areas used for either dressing or planting, creating a stunning visual impact, and also capable of enduring the rigorous nature of gardens and building projects. 

Installing decorative gravel can prove to be highly beneficial to people who want to keep an easily maintainable space. Our products won’t require any watering albeit adding water enhances the product's natural vibrant colours. As a country that is well versed in all sorts of weather conditions, decorative gravel will also be able to resist both intense chills and souring heats throughout the year.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the 20mm Moonstone Gravel be used for driveways?

Yes, the 20mm Moonstone Gravel is an ideal choice for driveways. Its angular and rounded pieces provide a visually appealing and durable surface.

Is the Moonstone Gravel suitable for decorative landscaping?

Absolutely! The 20mm Moonstone Gravel's mix of colors and textures makes it perfect for decorative landscaping, adding beauty and character to your outdoor spaces.

Can I use the Moonstone Gravel in water features?

Yes, the Moonstone Gravel can create a striking effect when used in water features, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

How durable is the Moonstone Gravel?

The Moonstone Gravel is designed to endure the rigorous nature of gardens and building projects. It can withstand various weather conditions, including intense chills and souring heats.


    Bag Weight 850kg
    Brand GRS
    Size 20mm

    Est Delivery between and .

    Next Day Delivery on Orders placed before 11am (ex. weekends)

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