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Manhole Covers

A manhole cover, Drain cover or maintenance hole cover is a removable plate forming the lid over the opening of a manhole. It is important to allow direct access to your Underground Drainage for maintenance work on your pipes. Browse our range of Manhole Covers Below. Contact us on Live Chat or by phone 020 3481 1978 if you need guidance - Free Delivery on all orders over £300

A maintenance hole cover or a manhole cover is a removable plate forming a lid over the opening of a manhole. The opening of the manhole is large enough for a person to pass through it. This opening is used as an access point for maintenance and other work on an underground utility vault or pipe.

Manhole covers are designed to prevent anyone or anything to fall into it. Plastic and iron covers and frames are black so they may look better in tarmac driveway. Manhole covers are often made from 

  • Concrete 
  • Cast iron 
  • Steel  
  • Plastic. 

Clark Drain is one of the UK market leaders in the supply of manhole covers and is probably the best-known name in the industry. 

It is to be noted that most modern manhole covers are not compatible with old frames. If you are planning to install a manhole cover it is advised to remove the entire old frame and install the new cover and frame as a complete unit. 

It is important to select the right size and weight loading for manhole covers and frames. Below is the chart showing.

Types of manhole covers

  • Recessed manhole covers

Recessed manhole covers are a relatively modern invention. It enables slabs, screed or block to be laid within a metal tray to give access to the drainage system whilst blending it seamlessly with the surrounding material. 

  • Internal manhole cover

Recessed internal use manhole covers are specially manufactured and are fitted with neoprene seal that eliminates the odour. Internal recessed manhole covers can be used outside provided they are not installed in a driveway.

  • Standard manhole covers

Standard manhole covers are usually made of cast iron, galvanized steel, plastic or concrete. They are cost-effective and strong.