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Powersaver Dual Flexi


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The Powersaver Dual Flexi is a water heater controller that combines ease of use with the efficient control of your water tank during off peak rate electricity periods to provide hot water when required. This product differs from a simple time switch as it has programs built in that match with Economy 7, Economy 10 and Eco 20:20 electricity tariffs.

This ensures your tank operates during off peak times avoiding expensive peak use. As such this controller is not freely programmable, you can minimise the program times within your off peak period but not go outwith it, You may need to contact your electricity supplier to confirm which tariff you are on and your specific off peak times before the product can be installed.

Should more hot water be required then pressing the ‘BOOST’ button will switch on the boost immersion element for ½, 1 or 2 hours to heat up part of the tank. Where extra hot water will be required every day at the same time a Boost program of up to 2 hours can be entered. Again this will operate the boost immersion element to heat up part of the tank.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for single, dual and twin immersion elements
  • Pre-set adjustable (ie minimise or cancel) programs for use with low rate tariffs (Economy 7, Economy 10 & Eco20:20)
  • Direct upgrade to Horstmann E7 & E7Q and Sangamo Q7 controllers
  • 24 hour electronic timer
  • Automatic summer/winter time change
  • Programmable boost function - 2 hours max
              Brand Sangamo
              Dimensions (mm) 169 x 114 x 60
              Display LCD
              Ingress Protection IP30
              Materials Thermoplastics, Flame Retardant
              Mounting Surface
              Power Reserve Approx. 10 Years, Nonrechargable Lithium Battery
              Selectable Boost Durations 30 Minutes, 1 Hour or 2 Hours

              Est Delivery between and .

              Next Day Delivery on Orders placed before 11am (ex. weekends)

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