Plastic Planks - All Sizes
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Plastic Planks - All Sizes

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Plastic planks are an affordable alternative to standard wooden planks. These plastic planks are made from 100% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable and are manufactured using plastic waste that is not usable in conventional recycling processes making this a greener option to regular plastics. 

These plastic planks are manufactured in the UK; Manticore Lumber is environmentally friendly and doesn't require regular maintenance to retain its performance. In fact, this product is maintenance-free and offers huge savings over the years without rot and displaying weatherproof capabilities. Unlike usual wood-plastic composite lumber, this plastic plank doesn't splinter or warp. It is waterproof and is not sensitive to staining from a variety of agents.

A form of highly durable and maintenance-free lumber, plastic planks are ideal for their application in outdoor decking. These are also used for moulding and trim and garden furniture such as park benches over standard wood products. Another amongst its significant advantages is that it can be cut using conventional woodworking tools. Scientifically proven to be approximately 200 times stronger than glass, these plastic planks have a 10-year warranty after purchase.

Product Features

  • Maintenance-free 
  • Powerful and durable
  • Do not rot, warp or splinter.
  • 30x100mm profile
  • Available in 3.1m lengths
  • 100% recycled plastic
  • Completely recyclable
  • Economically long-lasting alternative
  • 200 times stronger than glass
  • 10-year warranty

Product Specifications

  • Brand: EnviroBuild
  • Available Length: 2.4m, 3.1m
  • Material type: Recycled Plastic


Store in a cool place, away from direct heat. Do not stack blocks over each other to avoid damage.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Plastic Planks environmentally friendly?

Yes, Plastic Planks are made from 100% recycled plastic, making them an eco-friendly option. They contribute to sustainability efforts by utilizing plastic waste that is not usable in conventional recycling processes.

Can Plastic Planks be recycled?

Yes, these planks are fully recyclable. At the end of their lifespan, they can be recycled to create new products, further reducing environmental impact.

Are Plastic Planks manufactured in the UK?

Yes, these planks are proudly manufactured in the UK, ensuring high-quality standards and supporting local industries.

Do Plastic Planks require regular maintenance?

No, one of the benefits of Plastic Planks is that they are maintenance-free. They do not require staining, painting, or sealing to retain their performance.

Are Plastic Planks resistant to rot and warping

Yes, these planks do not rot, warp, or splinter like traditional wood. They offer excellent durability and remain in great condition over time.

Can Plastic Planks be used for decking?

Yes, these planks are ideal for outdoor decking due to their durability, weatherproof capabilities, and low maintenance nature.

Are Plastic Planks suitable for other applications besides decking?

Absolutely! These planks can also be used for moulding, trim, and even garden furniture, such as park benches, providing versatility for a range of outdoor projects.

brand EnviroBuild
Length 2.4m, 3.1m
material-type Recycled Plastic

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