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IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade - All Sizes

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Introducing IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade – your ultimate solution for effective damp-proofing needs! Crafted with expertise, this remarkable product combines the prowess of bitumen emulsion and synthetic rubber latex to create a versatile solution for your construction projects. Whether it's below, at, or above ground level, count on Synthaprufe Trade to safeguard your structures.

Applying IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade is a breeze, making your damp-proofing journey hassle-free. It acts as a shield for concrete floors, foundations, and masonry walls, ensuring they remain resilient against moisture. But that's not all – this product goes the extra mile by extending its protection to retaining wall structures as well.

Build4less.co.uk is proud to offer you this effective and user-friendly damp-proofing solution. With IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade, you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in the long-lasting integrity of your constructions. Stay confident and worry-free as you build, knowing that you have a reliable ally in moisture defense.

Features and Benefits
  • Damp proof membrane on solid concrete floors
  • Damp proofing of interior masonry wall surfaces
  • Protect retaining wall structures
  • Floors: 1st coat 1 m²/litre, 2nd coat 1.5 m²/litre
  • Walls: 2 m²/litre (per coat)
  • Product Finish: Matt


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade? IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade is a specialized blend of bitumen emulsion and synthetic rubber latex designed for effective damp-proofing of structures below, at, or above ground level.

Where can I use IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade? This versatile product can be used to damp-proof concrete floors, foundations, masonry walls, and even retaining wall structures, providing reliable moisture protection.

How is it applied? Applying IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade is straightforward. It's designed for easy application, ensuring a hassle-free process during your construction projects.

Is it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications? Yes, IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile choice for various construction scenarios.

Is this product long-lasting? Absolutely. IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade is crafted with durability in mind, offering long-lasting protection against moisture infiltration.

Can I use it on different types of surfaces? Yes, you can use IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, foundations, and masonry walls.

Is it safe for the environment? IKOpro Synthaprufe Trade is designed to be environmentally friendly and safe for use in construction projects.


brand IKO
Colour Black
Product Finish Matt

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