Danosa Torch On 5Kg SBS Mineral Cap Sheet - 8m x 1m
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Danosa Torch On 5Kg SBS Mineral Cap Sheet - 8m x 1m

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ESTERDAN PLUS 50/GP ELAST. is a waterproofing bituminous sheet with self-protected surface of 5.0 kg/m².
Composed of a reinforced polyester felt reinforcement, covered on both sides with SBS modified bitumen mastic. On the upper side of the sheet, mineral protection in grey (black) colour is used as protective material. The anti-adhesive material used on the lower side is polyethylene film.

Important Recommendations

  • The design of the roof should be considered in relation to its compatibility with the building as a whole, and account taken of the significance of materials which may be included for other reasons.
  • The roof covering, including joints, parapets, abutments, gutters and outlets, should remain weathertight under the external action of rain, snow, ice, dead and imposed loads, wind loads, solar and night radiation, and the internal environment of the building.
  • Falls should be provided to enable the roof to drain towards outlets, gulleys or gutters of sufficient capacity. Gutters and roof drainage should be designed appropriately.
  • As failures in flat roofs are often caused by the harmful effects of moisture which is trapped during construction, it is essential that great care be taken to minimize such risks. Trapped water may be the result of the use of wet materials, water from in-situ concrete and wet screeds, or rain on unprotected construction.
  • Be careful about damage from the limited foot traffic associated with installation and maintenance operations. Reasonable care should be taken to avoid sharp objects or concentrated loads. Where regular traffic is envisaged, ie maintenance of lift equipment, a walkway should be provided.
  • On completion of the roof, the non-mineral finished membranes should have a surface finish applied.
  • In the event of damage the membrane must be repaired as soon as possible with a patch of the membrane torch-bonded over the damaged area.
  • On cap sheets it is possible that some localized loss of the mineral surfacing may occur, after some years, in areas where complex detailing of the roof design is incorporated.
  • The membranes should be subjected to regular annual inspections and roof drains kept clear as is good practice with all roofing membranes.
  • Differential movement between the waterproofing membrane and the substrate, or any overlaid insulation in inverted roofs, or other material should be taken into account in design. If necessary, movement joints should be made in the waterproofing membrane.

    Standards and Certification

    UNE EN 13707 standard.
    UNE EN 13969 standard.
    CE marking.
    Document Technique d'Application 5/09-2088 “Glasdan ELAST-Esterdan ELAST-Polydan ELAST”.
    Avis Technique 5/11-2255 “ POLYDAN JARDÍN”.
    Documento de Aplicação DA39/2013.


Length : 8m

Width : 1m

Roll surface :8m2

Rolls per pallet : 25 rolls

Length 8m
Width 1m
Coverage 8m2
Brand Danosa
Colour Grey
Material Type Reinforced Polyester Felt, Polyethylene Film, SBS Modified Bitumen Mastic, Non-Woven Polyester Felt

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