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One of the best ways to discover the local culture - alongside food, activities, and language is through the design of architecture and buildings. You may think roofing is boring, but in reality, it massively influences the architecture of a building. The buildings and their roofs are more than just structures that offer shelter and protection, they can be modern, traditional, or decorative and ultimately, tell you a lot about the place you’re in. So, why not take some inspiration from these buildings when it comes to choosing your own roof tiles!

Here, we take a look at some iconic and beautiful roof designs and tiles that can loosely inspire your own home. 

The Striking Roof Tiles of Hospice De Beaune 

The Hospice De Beaune was built in the 15th century as a charity hospital for the poor communities of Beaune. Now, the building is used as a hotel and museum for the public. The carefully arranged brown, red, yellow and green tiles of this roof create striking geometrical patterns amid the building’s dormers and turrets.

In the past, having a building with roof tiles like this became a status symbol for French princes and wealthy families. Since then, Burgundy in France has become known for this poignant type of roofing and tiles.

The Dazzling Rooftops of Santorini 

Santorini is characterised by the magnificent blue and white roofs and buildings that populate the landscape. Incredibly, domes were used in Greece from around 5,800 BC! And, it is no wonder these vibrant domed roofs feature on almost every postcard on the island.

Interested in upgrading your own roof tiles for a brighter option? Why not take a look at our range of Marley roof tiles which come in a range of colours that are different from the usual brown roof colours we see everyday. You might not be able to recreate the impressive dome, but the colour influence will certainly be there. From blue to deep red, these tiles are sure to give your home a little edge!

The Infamous Tiles of Moroccan Architecture

Morocco is known for its beautifully designed and awe-inspiring tiles used on buildings across the country. The tiles used in Morocco are made from clay and colour pigments. They often have an array of unique geometric designs bright in colour to create a vast, impressive pattern across the whole building. The tiles of the main building are often coupled with rounded clay tiles to create a stark contrast of busy pattern and a plain roof.

Casa Batllo’s Marine Inspired Roof Tiles

Next up is a real showstopper! This extravagant, vibrant roof is part of Antoni Gaudi’s truly eccentric masterpiece, the Casa Batllo, otherwise known as the House of Bones. It has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a very popular tourist attraction in Barcelona for a reason - you simply can’t miss it!

The building is headed with a magnificent roof composed of large scales, which resemble creatures from underwater. Perhaps the most impressive part is that the colours of the roof change depending on what side you’re standing on. And, what makes this roof and building stand out even more is the fact it is housed on a street of conventional looking townhouses! 

Inspired to Upgrade Your Own Roof Tiles?

The type of roofing and tiles you choose for your roof can say a lot about the style of your home. So, getting it right for this reason is really important, not to mention the fact that it is a long-term investment that will last years. Though your options may not be as extravagant or eccentric as the roof tile designs we have looked at above, you can certainly customise and add to your roof in a way that suits you. 

Going for a clean, modern look? Choose the Sandtoft concrete roof tiles. Or maybe you’d prefer a traditional terracotta look? Then take a look at our large range of terracotta roof tiles for a charming appearance. Also, adding extra features to your roof,  like a roof window can make your home stand out even further. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to get in touch so we can discuss the most suitable roof tiles for your property. We will be happy to answer any questions you have!

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