Have a look at Proctor membranes for your building

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Have a look at Proctor membranes for your building

Modern building regulations require a holistic approach to construction that includes numerous energy efficiency measures. An important area that is often overlooked is improving air tightness above the minimum requirement levels.

The application of building membranes can reduce building energy loss whilst maintaining the same u-Value, or reducing the amount of insulation required.

Contractors face the choice of whether to use air-open or airtight membranes and vapor control or vapor permeable membranes. Proctor Group have been providing advanced, robust product solutions to the market for over 25 years. They offer the most extensive range of products, designed for use in the construction of roofs, floors and walls.

This blog will talk you through various Proctor Group products and help you choose the right one for your project.


Wraptite external air barriers solve the problem of reliably achieving airtightness in buildings, with a robust, two component solution comprising Wraptite & Wraptite Tape. By combining vapour permeability and airtightness in a unique, self-adhering external membrane, Wraptite offers a fast and effective solution to unplanned air leakage. Wraptite Tape then stops unnecessary air leakage around openings and overlaps.

Other product variations are; Wraptite-FZ, which is a vapour permeable air barrier membrane for use at floor junctions and Wraptite Liquid Flashing, a liquid-applied (gunnable), polyether flashing membrane.

Wraptite is the market leader in terms of air tight and vapour tight membrane.


Roofshield is a nonwoven, unique spunbonded breather membrane that is air permeable but is resistant to vapor. Research has found that vapor resistant capacity and air permeability prevents condensation formation on pitched roofs.

Other features of this product are-

•           LABSS and LABC certified

•           Resistant to UV and water

•           Treated hydrophobically

•           Reduces the issue of high and low ventilation



Cladshield membrane can be used in both wall or roof applications. It helps control vapor leakage from cladding and from the roof structure. It is also effective at preventing cladding and roof structure being damaged by moisture and rain.

Reflectite tape

It has a very resilient spunbonded polypropylene layer making it ideal for sealing around and between insulation boards. The reflective surface is designed to deflect heat energy from inside the building - preventing heat loss.


The ongoing issue of hard - to - treat walls can be overcome with Spacetherm - an ultrathin insulation for thermal upgrades, saving valuable space without altering the exterior fabric of the building. Spacetherm can be supplied on its own and cut to size or laminated to a number of facings to suit your individual requirements. Its remarkable performance is achieved through the use of flexible aerogel blankets. The insulation used in Spacetherm is material derived from silica gel.

The above products are just a sample of the wide range of product solutions provided by Proctor Group. Application of these solutions can reduce your building's energy loss whilst maintaining the same u-Value, or reducing the amount of insulation required. Speak to your architect or specifier or alternativelly you can find what you need on our website

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