Clear Amber: Effective Equipment That Helps in the Fight Against Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic is a global health risk which has impacted businesses across all sectors which has created some significant challenges. As a result, the UK government introduced measures to help control the spread of the virus which has changed the ways in which we interact with each other and the world around us. 

The core guidelines are simple – wash your hands more often, keep a distance from others, and wear a face mask to avoid transmission through breath, coughs, and sneezes. However, there are other measures that businesses can implement to help fight the spread. 

Axgard Sneeze Screen 

For many people in customer-facing roles who have invisible disabilities, wearing a mask during their working day has been hard, and in some cases has prevented them from being able to work. There are also many store staff who are able to wear a face mask but are understandably anxious about coming into close proximity with others.

But there are other options out there, like sneeze screens. They allow people to communicate visibly in a way that is both safe and clear. Clear Amber’s Axgard range can be used to create sneeze screens. These can be placed to create a barrier between staff and customers. Providing your store or business with a sneeze screen is a cost-effective solution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety and comfort of your staff and customers.

Clear Amber’s partition products that can be easily wiped clean and are completely transparent, making communication clear and simple. The screens can be used as a barrier at shop counters, bars, and taxi cab screens amongst other applications.

Benefits of Protective Partitions 

  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Customizable to ensure suitability
  • Non shedding material
  • Card machine cutout option also available
  • Shatterproof screen


Axiome Protective Partitions

Sneeze screens are a great option, but it’s not the only one. Clear Amber’s range can also be used to create protective partitions. With a greater thickness than the Axgard range, these transparent screens let light through but their construction provides a level of privacy which is ideal for hospital screens, workspace or restaurant partitions, shop dividers, and more.

Benefits of Protective Partitions 

  • Offers extra protection
  • Transparent so no loss of light
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Helps in business operations
  • Customizable as per requirement


Corrapol Stormproof Sheets

With more time at home due to the pandemic, many of us have turned to DIY to pass the time and improve our living spaces. Clear Amber has the perfect solution for various home projects too.

Stormproof sheets are manufactured from a virtually unbreakable plastic resin making it one of the strongest and long-lasting products available. Corrapol® Stormproof can be used for a wide range of projects you’ve been thinking about doing for ages – and now you have the time. Common uses for this great product and flat polycarbonate sheets from Clear Amber are:

  • Cold frames 
  • Bicycle sheds
  • Shed roofs
  • Greenhouses
  • Tree houses
  • Canopies
  • Carports


Help Stop the Spread of Infection

While vaccinations are on the rise, there will still be many people at risk when it comes to Covid-19. As a result, everyone from businesses down to individuals needs to do their bit to stop the spread of infection and to look after each other as restrictions are eased.

Adding extra protection into your work space is an ideal way of showing that you’re taking the safety of your staff and customers seriously, making staff happier to come into work and making customers happier to enter your place of business.

As a trusted brand, we stock a wide range of Clear Amber products. Take a look to find the perfect product for your needs. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about which products might work best for your business, head over to our live chat to talk to a member of our team.

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