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A Guide to Solid Wall Insulation

May 27, 2020

A solid wall has no gaps, so they can’t be filled with cavity wall insulation. Insulation is extremely useful in protecting your environment and making sure there is no escape of heat from the building. These are necessary especially in the colder areas because one can enjoy a comfortable environment because of the thermal guard. These are great protectors of the environment at homes because they prevent moisture and reduce the chances of dampening. Most people face problems due to extreme weather conditions. There is a wide range of insulation material available, and you can purchase them for very affordable prices. 

Solid wall insulation

Why do you need Solid wall insulation?

A solid wall can be insulated either from the inside or the outside. As we know, the walls are the protectors of the house, and that is why you need to have them insulated, so a comfortable environment is preserved around. Both the internal and external walls around your house can protect you from cold air and temperature. To maintain the temperature control and to make sure that there is a healthy environment around your home, install wall insulations that can protect you from the imbalance of weather. The cost of insulating solid wall insulation is more than insulating a standard cavity wall insulation, but the savings on heating bills will also be more. 

Solid wall Vs Cavity Wall

Costs of Installing a Solid wall insulation

Typical installation costs* of solid wall insulation can vary as follows:

  1. External wall insulation: around £13,000
  2. Internal wall insulation: around £7,400

*Based on a typical semi-detached house in Great Britain

The benefits of Solid wall insulation –

  •   Thermal guard 

The solid wall insulation protects your homes from the cold air and moisture and maintains a proper temperature by trapping the heat flow and by covering the entire housing with an airtight solution so that there is no way that they can penetrate through. 

  •   Cost and energy save

When you have an un-insulated house, you waste a lot of energy because the heat escapes and you end up using HVAC systems in order to save energy as well. However, if you have insulated your walls, you can save both energy and cost simultaneously. 

Solid wall insulation Savings
  •   Adjusts with the climate outside

These insulations are very effective in adjusting with the climate outside, as it has the ability to adjust with the climate and that is how the entire temperature of the house is balanced as well. Climate is a very important factor when it comes to home and office insulation because based on the temperature outside the home environment is set.

  • Carbon dioxide savingCarbon Footprint Saving Because of Solid wall insulation 
    • Comfort

    There is absolutely no doubt about comfort if you have installed these internal wall insulation in your homes. You can simply stay warm in the winters, cool in the summers without cranking up the HVAC system, using extra blankets, and invest in fans as or settle for an imbalanced home temperature.

    •   Stays for a longer period

    Solid wall insulation comes with a great age of service because of its longevity. Insulation stays for several years, and there is no need to worry about the maintenance once you have fixed it.

    •   Humidity

    Humidity can affect both thermal and indoor quality and it can lead to condensation, as moist air will make you feel chilled in the cold weather and warm and stick in the hot weather and dryness can make your skin feel dry and itchy. Humidity is one of the major reasons for which we need insulation as household activities such as cooking washing and gas heaters that can cause humidity indoors.

    How can you install Solid wall insulation?

    Firstly, it is highly recommended that you equip yourself with the proper material that can be used and make sure that you wear gloves. A mask and glasses are suggested to keep away from dust particles. Then take one wall batt and keep inserting between the wall studs one can also install the batt from the floors towards the top and see the second has to be from the ceiling towards the floor.  Make sure that there are no air gaps and the wall covering is completely airtight. One has to ask for internal wall insulation from the Construction Company or experts who can fix the entire insulation wall professionally.

    Acoustic insulationAcoustic insulation and soundproofing are significant for a safe and secure environment may it be your home or your office. Sometimes we face difficulties living in busier areas because there are constant noise and sound that one has to face, and it can be irritating. Solid wall insulations are excellent acoustic insulation that prevents sound absorption. Once you have installed insulation on rafter levels, you are guaranteed to have pin drop silence around your house, there will be no external noise penetrating through, and none will be going out as well. If you have an acoustic insulated environment in your house, you are automatically living in a secured space.

    Fireproofing – These insulations provide excellent fireproofing and protection because of the non-combustible fireproof materials that have the capacity to prevent fire and hold it when there is a short circuit. Protection from fire is one of the major causes because that is promising security when it comes to effective insulation. 

    Condensations build up – Condensation can be a severe problem because of moisture content in the air and ineffective ventilation. One has to know that heat is lost from houses resulting in the trapping of cold air that can cause a freezing and a damp issue as well. If you are looking forward to preventing condensation in your homes, then you need ventilation, and wall insulation can help you do that easily as well. Condensation can be controlled by reducing humidity and by making sure that no heat can escape and there is a balance of temperature too. 


    External wall insulation

    Internal wall insulation

    External appearance

    Can improve the rain screen protection and appearance of a property and improve its value.

    No change in external appearance, this might be a benefit if the owner wishes to retain attractive external features. Potential to improve property value.

    Greater thermal comfort

    Effect of the building as a thermal store is improved by reducing swings in temperature, for instance from solar gain. Warmer in winter, cooler in summer.

    Increases the responsiveness of the heating system. Warmer in winter, cooler in summer.

    Time taken to install

    Three to five weeks. Dry weather is necessary for installation.

    Three to five working days, depending on the size of the property and the number of rooms being insulated.

    Disruption to household

    Scaffolding will be required to access upper storeys, but otherwise minimal disruption to occupants.

    Would need to move furniture and fittings etc and might need to cut off services temporarily to some locations. Easiest if the dwelling is empty at the time of works. Redecoration required.


    No loss of internal space but a reduction in the width of narrow external passageways could be an issue.

    Loss of internal space – between 37mm and 110mm on external walls to reach a required u-value of 0.30.


    Approximately £7,500 - £14,000.

    Approximately £6,500 - £9,500.

    Continuity of insulation

    Generally, good continuity across plain wall elements although there might be some disruptions from adjoining garden walls, garages, lean-to, etc.

    Will inevitably break in the insulation continuity at internal partition walls, intermediate floors, etc.


    Planning consent is unlikely to be required unless the property is in a Conservation Area or there will be a change in the external appearance of the building e.g. from brick to render.  

    Planning consent is only likely to be required for listed buildings.

    Building control

    Requires consent under Part L of the Building Regulations.  

    Requires consent under Part L of the Building Regulations.


    There is a great range of solid wall insulation materials are available at build4less at very affordable prices. The company has maintained its reputation in the business for several years, and they have provided only the best to its customers. Make the best of your living and maintain a comfortable environment at home with Solid wall insulation. 

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