We deal in best in the class insulation material and provide a wide range of insulation materials to choose from. From floor insulation to external wall insulation, we offer all type materials used in insulation. The RS60 earthwool building slab is one of the finest building slabs being offered by us, which is ideal for various insulation applications. It comes in wide range of densities and is a non-combustible product. This building slab renders exceptional acoustic and thermal properties and assures superior performance.

Why choose RS60?
The RS60 earthwool building slab is ideal for numerous insulation applications whether it be thermal or acoustic insulation. Few advantages include:

  • Availability of different sizes such as 50 mm, 75 mm & 100 mm

  • Non-combustible inorganic rock wool construction

  • Environment- friendly as free from CFCs, HCFCs, etc.

  • Odourless, rot proof and do not sustain vermin

  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic properties

  • Wide range of densities

  • Best in the class quality

  • Assures durability

Buy the RS60 earthwool building slab!
The RS60 earthwool building slab is the perfect insulation solution to use in various building services and industry. You can choose the favorable size from our existing list of products. It is being supplied unfaced but it can also be manufactured with a factory applied foil or tissue facing as well as it is available with a water repellent additive as well. This slab is constructed with Quality Assurance system which complies with BS EN ISO 9001:2000. Hence, the quality in this is not a matter of concern at all. Also, it is free from all the materials that have ozone depletion potential such as CFCs, HCFCs, etc. and is no threat to environment by any means. If you are not able to find your preferred product, please let us know. We will try our best to make it available for you.

Knauf RS60 (600mm x 1200mm) - All Sizes
Knauf Earthwool RS60 (600mm x 1200mm) - All Sizes
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