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  • Rockwool Cladding Roll - All Sizes
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    Insulation from

    We bring to you an array of Insulantion in the category of Rockwool (Rockfibre Acoustic Insulation) from Rockwool plays the perfect role in acting as a high-performance insulation. Rockwool is a mineral fiber insulation that is waterproof and fire resistant to extremly high tempertures.

    Design and structure of Rockwool (Rockfibre Cavitywall Insulation):

    The range of Rockwool (Rockfibre Cavitywall Insulation) is a flexible and high quality insulation range which comes as resin bonded which is used for thermal, fire and acoustic insulation. It is created out of volcanic rocks which disintegrate and are formed over 200 million years. They are constructed and supplied in a variety of dimensions in terms of size, shape, structure and thickness which enables it to meet most requirements.

    These are perfectly suitable for applications that include floor insulation, wall insulation, roofs, cavites and boiler insulations. Rockwool is simple and easy to accommodate and fit into different spaces which allow it to perfectly work out in all conditions and structural framework.

    The Rockwool insulants are free from gases which are harmful to the environment which include CFCs and HCFCs. It completely curbs any type of contribution towards Ozone Depletion or Global Warming. The insulants are completely safe for the environment and are eco-friendly. They comply with the safety essentials for fire resistance without having any adverse effects or hazards.


    • Provides a Reduced amount energy consumption without any quality compromise

    • The insulation offers you protection from heat and cold

    • Most heat in houses is lost from the walls, ceilings and mostly the roof. Rockwool reduces this hat lose.

    • Rockwool insulation can be used in ceilings, floors and walls

    • The insulation are available in various sizes, thickness and weights

    • Provides perfect safety from fire, thermal and acoustic insulation
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