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Kingspan Insulation has products suitable for floor insulation including solid ground floor insulation, suspended ground floor insulation, floating ground floors, soffit lining, and heavy duty, industrial and cold store floor insulation.
Foil Tape 75mm x 45m
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Kingspan TF70 is the standard PIR brand from Kingspan. It has a thermal resistance of 0.022 and is manufacturers to Kingspans exact standards. The Kingspan TF70 boards comes in an array of thicknesses from 20mm right up to 150mm. If you require a thicker board these can be manufactured specific to your needs however minimum order quantities are a necessity. The size of these boards only come in 1.2m x 2.4m widths. If you need smaller boards I am sorry but they are not available and you may need to cut these down to size on site if required.

The Kingspan TF70 board is a general application board and like all other Kingspan PIR board they have a multitude of applications when installed into floors. The applications consist of under concrete floors, suspended floors, basements, in between floor joists etc etc. the list could go on and on. However the applications listed above would be the main areas in which this TF70 board would be used.

Generally shipping time from Kingspan for large quantities is very good with a turn around time of about 2 days from time of order. If you are ordering a out of stock item it may need to go into production and the lead times can be 7 - 10 days if that is the case so make sure you order your Kingspan TF70 well in advance of needing the material on site to avoid any unnecessary delays.

The Kingspan TF70 board is manufactured in Ireland and the UK and a huge amount of stock is always carried for this board at both locations so getting this material to site quickly is generally never an issue. The TF70 board come with foil faced on both sides and is water resistant. It is recommended however not to leave this product out in the rain for too long as it will begin to take its toll on the product after time. The TF70 will discolour from the water damage however when it dries out it will perform as well.

This board is easy to cut with a knife or handsaw but it would be a good idea if you score the foil first with a knife if your cutting with a handsaw to avoid and serrated edges in the foil. It is light and easy to move around, however if it is windy it is recommended that two people lift the board one on each end to avoid the board from breaking due to the wind force. Albeit these boards are strong the thinner boards are more likely to snap in high wind conditions. Try to avoid walking on the boards as much as possible as the downward pressure from shoes can cause dents in the insulation.

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