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The Kingspan Styrozone range is an extensive range of high performance rigid extruded polystyrene insulants for roof, wall and floor insulation. Rigid extruded polystyrene insulation.
Kingspan Styrozone

Kingspan Styrozone

Should you use it in your new building?

High performance, tough, dependable and exclusively designed for your walls, floors and roofs, Kingspan Styrozone is a market-tested and user-trusted range of polystyrene insulation. This XPS (Rigid Polystyrene insulation) is very rare to find due to its special nature. It can be used anywhere as it is flexible in thickness ranging from 30mm to 140 mm. Kingspan insulation has evolved with the making of this brilliant material. It is tough when it comes to insulation and very mild when it comes to nature as the blowing agent used to manufacture it has ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) at absolute 0. Its non-fibrous material makes it very safe and extremely easy to install. It is isotropic in nature. Its material is sturdy and withstands dilute acids and also alkalise. The goal for having a passive house can only be achieved if we make efforts and fit the required infrastructure beforehand. Insulation refers to the techniques of protecting something by introducing a special material to stop the loss of heat or sound, and it is a must if you are planning to build a perfect house. Here are some places in your building which desperately require Styrozone Insulation:

Styrozone Basements

Basements are areas of our home which require special insulation. They are easily attacked by moisture and this can result in dampness of walls which can also lead to diseases. Styrozone basements are specially designed to resist this ground moisture. A recent study showed that air-borne moisture in buildings that there is a risk of surface condensation which may cause breathing problems.

You can either go for H350 R model which has a thickness of about up and above 100mm, thermal conductivity ranges from 0.029-0.031 W/m.K and can serve well till 75 degree Celsius. It has a very high comprehensive strength of 300kPa. It is easy to install, board of size 1.25 by 0.6m. This is not affected by air infiltration or you can choose N300R with thermal conductivity of about 0.035-0.040W/m.K . It is specially made with blowing agents with a very low GWP (Global Warming Potential). It will make sure that moisture stays far away from your basement with its highly resistant strength.

Styrozone Floors and Walls

Different buildings have different floor and wall requirements. Some may require a heavy duty flooring while others may require cold-store flooring. Floor insulation is therefore very important. On the other hand we need to make sure we do not lose any sort of energy from our walls which bring to the concept of wall insulation. There is also Kingspan Thermawall with model number TW53 that can be used for walls. Based on these needs there are four varieties of styrozone floors and walls you can choose from: H350R, N300R, N500R, and N700R all with board of sizes of 1.25m by 0.6m

Styrozone Inverted Roofs

Similar to flooring, different buildings design different roofs. Some of us like to keep it flat while some intend to keep it vaulted. Both these kinds can be perfectly insulated using either H350R or N300R models. Its board size is 1.25m by 0.6m. Since H350R has a high compressive strength, it is common in all types of house insulations.

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