Rockwool RW5

Choose the Best Thermal InsulationThermal insulation is crucial during the building of any housing or monumental structure. There are particular needs that should be taken care of while building houses and other monumental structures. Insulation system affects the temperature within the building and the transfer of heat that takes place between the inner and out portions of the walls which is entirely responsible for the regulation of heat in the building.
The Rockwool RW5 Slabs from
The Rockwool RW5 Slabs are a perfect range of insulants which aim to provide perfect insulation for your home and dream projects. These provide the perfect temperature and thermal balance to all monumental structures and can be employed in varied applications. They are used for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation in multiple realms of construction such as application in floor, walls, industries and roofs.
The Rockwool semi-rigid insulants from are a high quality insulation which comes employed with a resin bonding. They are manufactured in varied sizes, density and thickness that suit most requirements. These come as ventilation a plant in all kinds of buildings, ships and offshore platforms, partition panels and acoustic ceilings.
The Rockwool RW5 Slabs are an environmental-friendly range of insulants that are devoid of CFCs and HCFCs thereby protecting the ozone layer and the balance of nature and ensuring that there is negligible contribution in the global warming.

  • Manufactured with non–deleterious material

  • Eco-friendly, free of CFC and HCFC

  • Zero ODP and low GWP

  • A+ rated in accordance to the Bree Green Guide

  • Resistant to solvents, fungi & rodents

  • It provides Excellent thermal, acoustic and fire insulation

  • The insulants in this range are Water repellent

  • It resists high temperatures and adverse weather conditions

  • It is easy to handle and install

  • Cost effective and low maintenance

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