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The Earthwool Insulations are important in the reduction of your home’s energy consumption by 40%. These belong to the new generation of softer, safer and environmental friendly insulation for your home. They are available in a variety of thickness and widths that suit the common spacing and heights. They come in a compressed pack which is easy to transport. They are packed in white polybags that include instructions for installing ceiling insulation at your home. These are a great choice for DIY home owners who prefer saving up on their power bills.

The insulation systems provide a cost effective acoustic and thermal barrier. They can be used in metal frame and timber applications within residential structures. As with most home insulations, this also reduces the transmission of noise into the home.

The insulations are odorless, rot proof, non-combustible, hygroscopic, unsustainable to vermin and do not encourage the fostering of mould, fungi and bacteria. They are highly durable and serve as long as the lifespan of the building. They are odorless, rot-proof, non-hygroscopic and do not contain vermin. These offer a least resistance to the passage of resistivity of vapor of 5.00MNs/gm. These are easy to handle and install. These are lightweight and can be easily cut to size.

The insulations in this range are efficient and durable imparting the perfect insulation system. These are 3 devoid of CFCs and HCFCs which is why these are completely eco-friendly. They have zero global warming potential and zero ozone layer depletion potential.


  • A+ Generic BRE Green Guide rating*

  • Made using recycled materials

  • Made with ECOSE Technology...

  • Made from rapidly renewable organic materials

  • Formaldehyde-free binding process

  • No added dyes

  • Up to 70% less embodied energy