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  • Rockwool Flexi-Slab - All Sizes
    Rockwool Flexi-Slab - All Sizes - Rockwool Insulation
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    The Rockwool Flexi-Slabs- Construction and Insulation Technique

    The Rockwool Flexi-slabs available in this range are an exceptional insulation system which is provided with patented flexible corners available on a single side of the insulant. The unique corner of the insulant is produced through patented technology assuring a perfect fit which is maintained between various timbers and the framework that supports it. This adds up to the entire integrity and quality of the insulating system that is being installed.

    It is mainly manufactured for an array of applications that take place and is required during the building and construction which demands the perfect fitting insulation required for floors, roofs, partitions and walls. The product is set to be fitted perfectly in metal frames without any kind of cutting or any type of wastage. The best quality of the product is that it can be used to its maximum potential with each and every unit of the product brought to utilization.

    Quality of product:

    The Rockwool Flexi-slab range of products comes with materials which are high in value and quality. These are perfect for multipurpose applications in any construction unit where insulation is required. These products feature a flexible edge allowing it to put joists knowing that all gaps are well-sealed. These are available in varied sizes.


    • It is provided with exemplary acoustic, fire and thermal properties

    • These are easy to handle and can be installed without gaps

    • They are provided with patented flexible corner and comes with a correct fit to its widths

    • It does not slouch in case the studs shrink

    • Its multi-application fits all timber frames and is accompanied with typical metal spacing

    • There is absolutely no wastage because each of the unit constructed can be used as the perfect insulant to the best possible efficiency
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