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Eco Therm has been the chosen brand for many regarding all types of insulation projects. Eco Torch is one of the flag shipped examples from the brand’s range. Eco Torch comprises mechanical fixings that are in accordance with the BRUFMA information document ID/1/2009. Eco Torch is used to bind the vapour control layer and insulation boards to the deck. It is suitable for use in new-development and refurbishment assignments.

Why Eco Torch Insulant is The Best in Class?
  • It is ideal for insulating existing roofs.

  • It ensures minimum carbon footprint and lowers the Co2 emission.

  • It is designed in square with the Building Regulations/Standards

  • It enhances the thermal performance in metal, concrete and timber decks.

  • It is compatible for use with torch on and roll and pour felt systems, mastic asphalt and fully adhered single ply systems.

  • It features a fibre-free, rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core.

  • It uses bituminized glass tissue on one of its sides.

  • It features polypropylene fleece facing on its other side.

  • It is designed to withstand hot bitumen and asphalt to the surface at up to 230-degree Celsius.

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    Ecotherm Eco Torch
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